13 May
Blogging can be fun.
It provides a medium for one to type out one’s thoughts and to publish them.
I’ve enjoyed blogging and there are so many things that I could blog about.
It was rather tough in the beginning though, as I’ve quite lost touch with how to blog and how to customize my blog. It’s been years since I’ve last touched a blog. I had to explore the site to slowly find my way to maneuver through and create a blog that I could call my own, or at least had my ‘touch’.
Through the process of blogging, I’ve gained quite a bit of insight on the issues on online publications, namely blogs and social media. It reminded me of why I was interested in studying Communications and Media in the first place.
Issues in Publications and Design was taught to me by Ms Jenny Webber, and I thank her for her generously imparting her knowledge to my classmates and I. It’s been great to learn more and understand more about the module with her expertise.
Overall, its been fun and engaging at the same time.

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