Players in the blogosphere

12 May

In our current year of 2012, the definition of a blog should already be recognized by most. In the words of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a blog is ‘a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer’.

Although we already know what a blog is, there are more to a blog than what the definition indicates.

According to The Business Times newspaper (2006), in an article titled ‘Blogging Explored- Ventures into Blogosphere’, there are corporate blogging, lifestyle blogging as well as using blogs as a business tool.

Corporate blogging

Where corporations use blogs to communicate with their target audiences.

Here are some examples:

Sharpie’s Blog

Sharpie’s blog features different art projects being done using their markers and it encourages their customers to post images of their own art projects done using Sharpie makers .

While most people would expect corporate blogs to stick to a corporate theme with minimal colours, Sharpie’s blog is filled with colours. It projects the image of a vibrant and fun company and leads to the perception that it is fun using Sharpie markers.

Starbucks’ Blog

Starbucks’ blog provides a platform for their customers to feedback on their service and facilities as well as for the customers to contribute ideas for new flavours for their coffee. If the idea is supported, then the new flavour could be made available at the stores.

The colour theme used in Starbuck’s blog is mainly green and white. Albeit the Starbucks being of a green and white theme as well, the green that they have opted for is of a brighter shade which makes the page looks more refreshing. The blog is neatly classified and there are pictures inserted to pique the interest of viewers, but all elements are kept clean and minimal.

Motorola’s Blog

Motorola’s blog is regularly updated with the latest products that are launched as well as information on new software updates for their products. Customers and viewers of the website are able to leave comments or share the blog article via their social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Videos and images introducing the products are included to spice up the blog. The colour scheme used repeatedly on the blog consists of black, white and red, which is easily identifiable with Motorola’s branding image.

Lifestyle blogging

Blogs where bloggers introduce food, beauty tips, travel and other lifestyle and wellness information.

Here are some examples:

Xiaxue’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Xiaxue is probably the most notable bloggers in Singapore. Her blog covers mainly beauty and lifestyle tips and she does advertorials for companies who wants to promote beauty and lifestyle products. She has a pretty wide following and most of her readers are young female adults.

Her blog has a pink theme. And the elements in her blog are neatly classified so it is a breeze for her readers to browse through her blog entries. There are also lots of picture included in the blog.

Lady Iron Chef’s Food and Travel Blog

Lady Iron Chef’s blog is probably more famed for giving food reviews on the restaurants in Singapore.

The background is white and the overall layout is very minimalistic.

Team Fat Bird’s Running Blog

The interest and passion for running has been increasing here in Singapore.

Asia Escapades Travel Blog

Here is a blog that is based on travel experiences.

Blogging as a business tool

Where blogs are used as trading tools to conduct business transactions.

Most examples of using blogging as a business tool in Singapore are bloggers who use their blogs as a platform to sell clothes.

Here are some of them:

That’s all on the different type of blogs we have for today. Shall post on other media and publication issues soon!!! Stay tuned!!

Reference links:

The Business Times, published Friday, January 13, 2006, ‘Blogging Explored- Ventures into Blogosphere’,


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