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And I’m back to the blogosphere again…

26 Apr

Hello world!

I’m Veron and I shall now christen thy blog —> SupercaliBLACKalistic (expialidocious)!

I recall being introduced to the “world’s longest word” – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, by watching the film Mary Poppins, in my childhood days. Back then it seemed like a feat to be able to memorize and be able to read out the word. To some, the word means ‘atoning for educability through delicate beauty’ but Mary Poppins defined it as ‘something to say when you have nothing to say’. For me it seems like a pretty novel name for my blog.

To cut to the chase, this blog is simply for me to discuss some of the online publishing, media and design issues in the current times and other interesting tidbits of this wonderful blogosphere.

So, dear reader…. stay tuned!